Thursday, July 26, 2007

Aphrodite In The Temple Of The Coffee God

She had a captivating smile and a great sense for color. Her top and my shirt looked like they'd come out of the same dye batch. We sat and drank coffee, enjoyed the night air, and chatted about this and that.

I'm always getting involved in conversations with women that seem so tempting, so appealing, so bright, until I remind myself that I could as well be her grandfather. I can understand why guys my age are attracted to young women but I've never understood why so many of them seem attracted to us. Of course most of them would never actually go out with me if I asked them. They worry about what their friends would say or what their parents might think.

On another level I suppose they're thinking that at some point they'll want to make babies. Some guys my age couldn't if they wanted to. Most of us won't be around long enough to attend the high school graduations. In the end I don't know what their motivation is, but I'm content to just enjoy the moment. I guess she was too. She didn't ask me out.


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