Tuesday, July 17, 2007

A Well Practiced Phony Smile?

Most all of the "self-portraits" I do are with available light using that ultra-wide angle 15mm lens. Here I was using flash and a 35mm lens. I'd been out shooting pictures of some function or another and had some unexposed frames still sitting in the Leica. A lot of times when that happens I'll put the 15 on the Leica and finish off the roll, but the flash won't cover the entire frame with a 15mm lens and it was too dark to shoot without flash. I held the Bessa in my right hand with the 15mm lens as a prop and turned the Leica in my left hand towards myself.

I'm getting pretty good with operating either camera one handed with either hand. Depending on which hand I'm using that means either pushing or pulling the wind lever with my middle finger while my index finger or thumb presses the shutter release. I got the framing pretty good here, but I'd hoped to get a bit more of the Bessa in the picture. Still, not bad for shooting blind.

What I really need to do is get some smiling lessons from Scott Galvin. I normally go around looking like a grouch. When I do smile it always looks like I'm trying too hard to smile. I need to practice having that relaxed "I'm a nice guy! Vote for me" type of smile. Hell, even Monkey and Monkette have more sincere looking smiles than I do.


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