Sunday, July 15, 2007

Al Networking? You Can Bank On It!

I got an invite in the mail, followed up with an Email from the North Miami Chamber of Commerce. Great Florida Bank was having a business card exchange/wine and cheese party at 5:30 to show off their new branch. I seldom do the suit and tie thing in the summer anymore but I did put on a long sleeved dress shirt, shaved, and brushed my hair. This was during that week or so period after I'd shaved off my beard, and before the mayor convinced me to start growing it again. This was about as spiffy looking as I'd looked in months.

This was also the Big Event that convinced me that I really needed to get some new business cards printed up. For a couple of years I'd been hand writing my cell number on an assortment of old cards that had no longer existing phone numbers printed on them. I decided that it was time to join the Twenty-First Century. It was time to include my cell number, Email address, and BLOG, all printed right there on the card.

As usual, I met a number of new people and I caught up on the recent happenings with a lot of folks I've known about forever. I got into a couple of in depth discussions out front during cigarette breaks. I had a couple of Cokes and nibbled on nibble food, but it wasn't enough to fill up. Win some, lose some!


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