Wednesday, July 11, 2007

A new Friend At Starbucks

Everybody seems to know Monkey and his girlfriend Monkette at Starbucks. All over North Miami, for that matter. Ever since she engineered that succesful campaign to re-elect Mayor Kevin Burns in May she even gets invited to all the local political parties and homeowners association meetings. Everyone at the Chamber of Commerce knows her too. Meanwhile Monkey is travelling all around the country acting as good will ambassador for the city.

My ex, Claudia, decided that I looked lonely, what with only one toy monkey in town to play with, and she also thought that I needed a bit of diversity in my life. A couple of months ago she gave me this very lifelike weasel! I named him Brad. Those of you who know the inside joke KNOW, but the rest of you will just have to wonder "Why Brad?" for the time being.

I invited Brad over to my usual hang-out, the nearby Starbucks, for a cup of java, and almost nobody came over to say "good morning". When I'm with a monkey everybody wants to sit with us. Strange chicks come over wanting to talk about a monkey. Gloria's little poodle adores my monkeys. That poodle don' want nuttin' to do with any weasel, no WAY!

As you can see from this photo, Brad was feeling a bit rejected. I told him that folks would get used to him, he'd make friends, life would be good again. Even the poodle would learn that he's really an OK sort of guy. He agreed to give it another shot. Tomorrow morning me 'n Brad are going over to check out Starbucks together, and maybe even get a few photos with some cute co-eds. That should cheer him up!


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