Saturday, July 07, 2007

Dick Cook, An Old Soldier still Hangin' In There

A few days ago we celebrated the Fourth of July, Independence Day, commemorating the original thirteen colonies defeating the British. A couple of weeks earlier, on June fourteenth, we celebrated Flag Day to honor the flag, the Red, White and Blue, created by Betsy Ross. On May thirtieth we celebrated Memorial Day, to honor all the brave folks who sacrificed their lives to first win our freedom and then to preserve our freedom.

1976 was the Bicentennial Year and the country celebrated its two hundredth birthday. North Miami constructed a Bicentennial Fountain in Griffing Park and the park was renamed Bicentennial Park although most people still use the name Griffing Park. The area near the fountain, though, is still a favored spot on these holidays for people to gather, bands to play, and politicions to give spiritually uplifting speeches.

This was Memorial Day and the tent was about 200 feet away from the fountain. The speeches hadn't started yet. People were still discussing important things, like was it better to be under the tent and out of the sun, or out of the tent where there was some hope of catching a bit of breeze.

Dick Cook, with his trademark bushy white moustache, wouldn't miss one of these occasions for the world. He puts on his vest and his cap festooned with medals. That's him, seated just to the right of me. He doesn't walk as well as he once did but he's proud to be there! It was good to see you again, Dick.


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