Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Home Of The Free, Land Of The Brave

Monkette is all excited about going to see the fireworks tonight at F.I.U.'s North Miami campus. Meanwhile poor Monkey is sitting in a stuffy Priority Mail box on his way back home again after a few weeks of exciting adventures from Central Florida to San Francisco.

Ever since she kind of fell into the position of succesfully running Mayor Burns' re-election campaign a couple of months back there's been no stopping that girl! Now she's as patriotic as they come, just brimming with civic pride! At every opportunity she's out there waving that flag, on Memorial Day, Flag Day, and now Independence Day. She even got me to put up a couple of small flags in the hallway, and a couple of even smaller ones on each side of the rear view mirror in the truck.

A couple of nights ago I took her to a meeting of the North Miami Historical Society where she discovered that the place where the old N.M. Middle School was located had at one time been a private zoo. The zoo had sort of grown out of the monkey farm that preceded it. Now she's muttering that she plans to lobby the mayor and council to erect a statue of a monkey on the site, or at the very least, dedicate a bronze plaque in memory of all those selfless monkeys that sacrificed their lives for medical research.


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