Monday, June 25, 2007

Back At The Dentist Again

Yup, here I am back in Howard's waiting room. My appointment was scheduled for the next day but Maura had called telling me that there'd been a cancelation. Maura wears three hats. She's the receptionist, the dental assistant, and she's Mrs. Dr. Howard Rosenberg. Anyway, I'd told her that my schedule was loose and since I had the last appointment scheduled the following day, by heading over there now they'd get to leave early the next day.

I stopped off on my way to get a cup of Starbucks and arrived a good half hour early. The lady in the background hadn't been seen yet. I sat down and found a National Geographic that I'd yet to read. It was an easy visit. I'd had a tooth extracted a couple weeks previous. Now that the gum was healed Howard was going to make an impression so the lab could add a tooth to my bridge. Quick and painless, the ideal dental appointment! I'd have to go around for a day or two with a couple of gaps in my teeth but then I'd have my winning smile once more.


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