Friday, June 22, 2007

B-Witched, Betwixt & Between ~ The Search For A Parking Space

For seemingly no rhyme nor reason sometimes a parking lot is full and other times near empty. It doesn't matter if it's the post office, Target, or here outside of Walgreens. I just needed to drop off a prescription. I envisioned a crowded store and a long line at the pharmacy.

As I cruised up and down the lanes looking for a parking place I kept an eye on the other lanes nearby in case somebody was pulling out, and hoping I could then get there before somebody else grabbed the space. Then I noticed this license tag "B-Witch" and wondered who might own the car. It had to be a chick to have a tag like that.

I finally got the car parked, walked across the lot, and went into Walgreens. The place was empty, no lines! What were all those cars doing there? The prescription was promptly filled, no "pick it up after five" this time, and I headed back to my truck. On the way I passed an empty space. B-Witch was gone.


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