Monday, July 02, 2007

Looking Around

Photo (c)2007 Bill Carpenter

Monkey made it back to Florida OK from his second California adventure. He's spending a few days visiting Bill Carpenter mid state. We thought that it might be good for him to find out that even in some parts of Florida there are still a few English speaking people left in the United States. Sorta readjust gradually. Still, though, I really suspect that on a gut level he wonders why humans can't just learn to communicate with a series of shrieks, howls, and a bit of high pitched chattering. As Monkey puts it, "if it ain't broke don't fix it!" He may be right. It worked for a million years or more!

Now that he has his very own digicam he's been bugging Bill to take him to some of the scuzzier parts of town. He wants to give "street photography" a try. Bill has been trying to explain that you can get great street pix in more upscale neighborhoods too, hell you can even do street photography in color. Everything doesn't have to be grainy contrasty B&W with burnt out hi-lites and inky black shadows. I think about the only thing that's going to get Monkey's head turned around is when he finally realizes that school is out for summer, there's a mess of really cute chicks at the mall, and hip hugger mini skirts are back in style. Monkey is a real sucker for a pair of nice looking legs. And they do look better in color.

While Monkette still has the freedom of playing single girl she's been galavanting all over the place. Tonight she got me to take her to a meeting of the North Miami Historical Society, where we discovered that back before World War II there was a place here that raised monkeys! Hundreds of them! Earlier I'd taken her to the Starbucks by city hall. A man walking by said "You're the guy who does the blog!" and we chatted for a few minutes. He said that he discovered The Price Of Silver in a web search, looking for information on our mayor, and now he reads it every day! At the post office we ran into the bass player of a band I photographed a week ago, and we also bumped into the city's translator in a parking lot. She's having a great time while you're gone! Monkey, you better make sure that you act sweet and loving, and tell her just how glad you are to see her when you get home next week! (And shhhhh, don't mention a thing about sleeping naked with those San Francisco girls.)


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