Thursday, June 28, 2007

When The Right Hand Does Know What The Left Hand Is Doing

A few days ago I posted a picture of Scott Galvin at some sort of outdoor event in the scorching late afternoon sun. Naturally he and the other city officials had on long sleeved shirts with ties under their black suits. I was dripping with sweat in a short sleeve shirt, but somehow they all managed to get their turns at the microphone and mostly talk too long. That photo of Scott shows the exact same smile and the exact same gesture, that warm friendly "I'm here for you" gesture that warms the hearts of his constituents, as you see in this photo. There's just one difference. Here he's gesturing with his left hand. In the other photo he was gesturing with his right hand. The short sleeved shirt in that frigid AC didn't faze him a bit!

The guy has talent! He's a great speaker. Give him a microphone, tell him the subject and how much time he's been alloted and he'll spur-of-the-minute come up with a great speech of exactly the right length.

What was the occasion? Hell, I don't know. I said that in yesterday's post. But I'll save you some time looking for his right handed gesture. Click on this:


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