Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Remember Matching "Pocket Squares"?

There was a time perhaps thirty odd years ago when you could buy a matched set ~ a necktie and a pocket square to tuck in your jacket's breast pocket, just a nice even half to three quarters of an inch showing. Before that a plain white handkerchief was in favor for decades, although the style of display varied from a casual rumpled "I just stuck it in there" look to a neatly folded and intricately arranged display of three triangular points overlapping one another, with usually the middle point the highest.

Nowadays pocket squares and handerchiefs in the breast pocket have mostly given way to a business card case or perhaps a small cell phone. Oddly enough I didn't notice at the time that his tie and her dress seem to be a matched set also, "cut from the same cloth" so to speak, but maybe it just looks that way in the photograph. In an era when ties are rarely worn and pocket squares gone I suppose a tie with a matching dress makes good marketing sense, and women are already used to having a closet full of dresses that are rarely worn.

So here I am remembering all this trivia of no use to anyone and I can't offhand recall the names of this couple whom I've known for years. A quick Email to Councilman Scott Galvin provided the names: Shelly and Alan Sokol. Fortunately Scott has one of those brains capable of remembering the names and faces of not only every one of the thousands of constituants in his district, but probably the entire county. Just in case he runs for county comission, of course.

For that matter I can't remember the occasion either. I've recently attended too damned many breakfasts, luncheons and dinners , I guess. Tonight I even passed on a free dinner because I was still too stuffed from the luncheon earlier.


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