Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Playing In The Sculpture Garden

Photo (c) 2007 Bill Carpenter

Monkey seems to be having a great time at Bill's place. He'll get the proverbial Rude Awakening when he gets home in a few days and checks out the unkempt mess of a yard out back. What with all the rain we've been having the grass has been growing like crazy. James, the teenager down the street, called this morning to see if I wanted it cut. A resounding YES on my part. He managed to get all the swale between the sidewalk and the street on two sides (corner lot) and the front yard when his mower died. Then I dragged mine out of the utility shed only to discover that it appears that the gas line between the tank and the carburator has a bad leak. He's taking his over to N. Miami Lawnmower on W. Dixie Hwy. at 130st St. on Thursday. I'm bringing mine up to Bob's Lawnmowers at 15270 W. Dixie Hwy.

Whichever gets fixed first, James will use it to finish up the job. In the meantime I keep looking at Bob's everytime I drive by the place. I've been meaning to shoot some photos of both the exterior and the interior. When I first met the artist Tony Mafia, is wife Anne, and their son Soeren they were living there, and it was also Tony's studio. Come Thursday I'll drop off the mower and take some photos of the building almost 40 years after they lived there. http://photo.net/bboard/q-and-a-fetch-msg?msg_id=00BXjB


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