Thursday, July 05, 2007

Monkey Made It Safely Home

photo (c)2007 Bill Carpenter

One of the high points of Monkey's trip was his visit to the Orlando Camera Club VIP Luncheon which he attended as Bill's guest. Mickey Mouse was in California at the time, otherwise the photo ops would have made even Brad envious!

I knew that Bill had sent Monkey packing on Tuesday, but what with yesterday being a holiday I wasn't expecting his arrival today. Monkette waited in the truck as I went in the post office to get my mail. Surprise! There was a Priority Mail box waiting for me. Monkey was home! As soon as we got in the truck and got the box opened Monkette threw her arms around him and wouldn't let go all the way to Starbucks. In fact she wanted me to leave the two of them together in the truck while I had my morning coffee and donut.

Brooke was working the counter this morning. She'd just started working at Starbucks since Monkey took off on this last trip to San Francisco, and Monkette likes sitting out front but she hates going into the place. Brooke was CLUELESS when I excitedly anounced that Monkey was back. She must have thought I was a complete kook when I explained about my toy monkeys. While I was explaining all this to Brooke, Monkey was busy making a mess of the Styrofoam peanuts and putting an ear to ear grin on Monkette's face. Monkey looked pretty happy himself, but sounded a bit winded.I picked up the peanuts as best I could, sat Monkey and Monkette in a "proper" pose with one another, and went back into Starbucks to show Brooke my monkeys.

On the drive back to the house I started thinking about how intelligent Brooke is, how I love her long blonde hair and pretty smile, her winning personality, and how I'm old enough to be her grandfather. Monkette must have been reading my mind! As she snuggled closer to Monkey she looked up at me and pointed out that there's about twenty MORE years difference between the two of them than there is between Brooke and myself. "Go for it!" she said as Monkey grinned and gave me the thumbs up. When we got home I gave Monkette the gold necklace I'd found last week. She was thrilled and wanted to admire herself in the rear view mirror! I winked at Monkey and whispered "...and you didn't believe me when I said that under the right circumstances women LIKE being in chains!"


Blogger dark reiver said...

Ah a kindred spirit, glad to see Monkette made it home safely! I have just managed to escape.

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