Monday, July 09, 2007

The Enigma

Lately it seems that all I've been doing is writing about toy monkeys! Monkey is still exhausted from his trip and he is resting in his little chair. Monkette went out in the heat this afternoon to join a bunch of residents waving protest signs on a proposed route to run high tension lines through our residential neighborhood. We'd hoped for a good turnout, and it really wasn't bad, maybe 75 or so people and one toy monkey. Monkette even had her own sign to wave made out of a 3x5 index card glued to a stick.

We'd hoped to get some young people involved, but other than one cute 17 year old with fuschia dyed bleach blonde hair who was there with her mom most everybody was an experienced take-it-to-the-streets protester. We'd all protested segregation and the Viet Nam war back in the 60's. The kids today just don't seem to care. Hell, WE cared, WE protested, and we managed to do it stoned out of our minds.

An entire generation went through high school,college, grad school, perhaps DID go to 'Nam, and did it all with a bit of help from the Evil Weed. Now they run the major corporations, the government, the judicial system, our hospitals, the educational establishment. That's the real enigma.

There were several TV crews there, and one of the cameramen zeroed in for a tight shot of Monkette with her sign, shooting about a 15 second scene. I'm not planning on channel surfing to find it. I guess we'll hear about it tomorrow. In the meantime I shot a few pictures myself and they'll get posted here at some point.

As for this shot, hell, I don't remember. That's why the title is The Enigma. I guess I could write a fanciful story about how I aproached the burglar and decided to get off a shot with my Bessa just before I got off a shot with my 9mm Walther P-38. I suppose I could say that this wasn't even my house, but I always like to get a remembrance shot for my album whenever Jose and I break into another Leica collector's house.

Actually I think that this was a few months ago when some guy from the city came by to check out my house, get all the measurements and what not, preparatory to replacing some rotted wood trim and repainting the exterior. I was just watching him and thought that it would make a cool shot!


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