Sunday, July 08, 2007

Takin' It To The Streets! Power To The People!

I received an Email today from my buddy Councilman Scott Galvin with a link to his website which contains this tidbit ~ Ah, hell, I'll save you the trouble of wading through his website. This is what he really wants you to see:

"Monday, July 9 - Protest of FPL Transmission Lines. Help your neighbors tell FPL we do NOT want 80-foot-tall transmission lines through our residential neighborhoods. Meet at NE 135 Street and NE 10 Avenue, at the southside round-a-bout. 5:30 - 6:30 pm."

That's right, a good old fashioned protest! Just like the 60's! Takin' it to the streets! I'll be there. The proposed route is right up N.E. 14th Avenue through a residential neighborhood. Those high tension lines will be within scant FEET of my bedroom! Remember all those articles by various scientists a few years ago about DNA damage and increased cancer risk from being in close proximity to high tension lines? Does FP&L care? It sure doesn't seem that way, now does it?

My baby makin' days are probably over with (unless some cute young thing really begs me) but cancer doesn't sound all that appealing, and there are lots of young couples moving into the neighborhood that are still at that stage of their lives where makin' babies is a major goal. Healthy babies with the right number of fingers and toes.

The villages of Biscayne Park and Miami Shores would both offer a several miles shorter route for FP&L's power lines, but their citizens already made a big bunch of noise about routing through their communities. The real solution is to bury the lines underground. Then I wouldn't have to worry about an immense concrete pole landing on my house in a hurricane, bringing with it a jillion volts of high amperage electrons. Nobody else would have that worry either. Nor would we be plagued with so many power outages.

Whether or not you live in the affected neighborhoods please join our protest. Let Florida Power & Light know that South Floridians don't want those oversized poles in ANY neighborhood. That's FIVE-THIRTY PM on Monday where N.E. 135th Street crosses West Dixie Highway (and N.E. 10th Avenue USED to go through before the State Road Department started blocking off half the streets in North Miami. But that's a protest for another time.) JUST BE THERE!


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