Tuesday, July 10, 2007

The First Cup Always Tastes The Best

I suppose that the second cup might be as good if I went to the trouble of brewing another fresh pot, but who does? I really don't like HOT hot coffee so I keep refreshing what's in the cup, but by the time the the last of what was in the little four cup coffee maker gets poured into the cup it's been sitting and keeping warm for well over an hour. Hardly fresh.

Whenever the weather is nice I like sitting on the front porch, watching the kids walk by, the cars, waving at the neighbors, trying to decide what the weather is going to do that day. On this morning we had a hazy sun. I'm facing south. There was no harsh sun light or sharp edged shadows.

There are two blue chairs and a matching foot stool which I keep between the chairs, using it as a table. There was a matching table also, back in 1968 when my mom purchased the set for the balcony of her brand new condo. She died in 1993 and I got the furniture. She gave it very little use, and not only the aluminum chair frames but the vinyl webbing are all still in great condition. The bolts holding the table together rusted out and the fiberglass top was all faded, not worth saving, so out it went.

I have a lot of furniture in the house that had been hers but somehow it's only out here drinking my morning coffee with the first cigarette of the day that I really feel the connection. I miss her.


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