Saturday, July 14, 2007

Checkin' Out The Chicks At That OTHER Starbucks

I don't remember if I was grabbing a cup of coffee after some boring meeting or another, or more likely trying to kill half an hour before a boring meeting. This Starbucks is in front of the art museum, sorta next to the North Miami City Hall, with a short section of a street blocked off, then paved with bricks when they paved the courtyard next to City Hall.

Outside, of course, is The Smoking Section. Even though a few nights a week they have live music and poetry readings inside, that sort of thing, it seems that the younger generation around here has more than its share of smokers. For some odd twist of fate the women in my age group have mostly given up on smoking, but it seems that a much higher percentage of young women than men have taken up the habit. Maybe it's because it's supposed kill the appetite and slenderness is a much sought goal?

So here I am, that shadowy sillouette of a face on the right, chatting and flirting with the two young ladies at the next table. Oh well, a guy can dream, can't he? Or maybe it was the girls who were flirting? Damn, I really blew that one, didn't I?


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