Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Site Of The Signing ~ Sex, Kids & Rock 'n' Roll

When I was in high school I used to go to the library all the time. I always liked to read, but most important, the library was air conditioned in an era when most houses, apartments, and schools weren't. It was a small place back in the 1950's, but they first added one wing, and then another, expanding the small rectangular library into a U shape. Finally they decided that "North Miami Public Library" was a boring name.

They named it after E. May Avil. I never remembered her as being a young woman. She was the city clerk about forever it seemed.

Last night I went over there for a book signing/meet the author type of thing. Evelyn McDonnell read a few pages from her new book, told us about her life experiences, everything from being a step-mom to her husband's two daughters to the birth of the son they had together, what it was like working on staff for a variety of publications and freelancing as well. Her work has appeared in everything from Rolling Stone to the New York Times.

She now resides in Miami Beach and is the Pop-Culture critic for the Miami Herald. I purchased a copy of her book "Mama Rama A Memoir Of Sex, Kids, & Rock 'n' Roll" and she signed the title page. I guess now I have to read it and give you folks a review. Perhaps just for old times sake I'll take it over to the library and read it using their AC. It's a hot summer.


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