Monday, July 23, 2007

In The Company Of Real Power

After succeeding in running the campaign to get Kevin Burns re-elected as North Miami's Mayor and scaring off all the challengers for Scott Galvin's city council seat Monkette was feeling pretty good about herself. She wasn't expecting a new challenge quite so soon, but then Florida Power and Light announced plans to connect two substations with high tension wires on new 80 foot tall concrete poles running right through residential neighborhoods. The chosen route went north on N.E. 14th Avenue. Monkette would have this monstrosity right outside her bedroom window!

She decided that a good old fashioned street demonstration, just like back in the sixties, was called for. I told her that this was Scott Galvin's district and that a lot of people wouldn't take a toy monkey seriously. She decided that success was of greater importance than her ego. She let Scott pretend that it was all his idea, used his name on all the fliers and press releases, and he was there to Rally The Troops on the Big Day. As long as no 80 foot concrete pole went up outside her bedroom window Scott could take credit for anything he wanted. It'd be cool with her.

Here she's trying to recruit another demonstrator. All in all she got at least 75 people to carry signs at the intersection of West Dixie Highway, N.E. 135th Street, and 10th Avenue. Lots of people honked and gave the thumbs-up as they drove by. Monkette got me to hold her up with her protest sign because she is kind of short.

We still don't know the final outcome of where the route will be, and a lot of people want the wires underground. Monkette has been heard muttering something about running for a county comission seat if this campaign succeeds. She's more than qualified. She even admits that her head is stuffed with cotton. The other comissioners all lie about it.


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