Friday, July 20, 2007

More Monkey Business Than A Weasel Can Handle

A week or two ago I took Brad, the weasel, over to Starbucks for a cup of coffee and to meet some of the people that I hang out with over there. Weasels are nocturnal I suppose, and this going out for morning coffee thing wasn't exactly his cup of tea. He'd heard from both Monkey and Monkette about just how friendly everybody was over there.

Well, I guess monkeys are just naturally cute and loveable creatures. Nobody stopped by to join Brad and me for coffee, and only a couple of people as much as said hello. When I shot this photo Monkey was still visiting various photographers around the country and Brad was finally starting to come out of his funk. Here Monkette was assuring him that another Starbucks excursion would be fun as they shared a seat in my truck for the drive over there.

Shortly after we arrived Doug came over, sat with us, and chatted for awhile. Brad finally believed us that there was in fact a scrawny toothless seventy-something guy that rides everyplace on his bike and reads the New York Times every day. There really was! Now I suppose Doug is still having trouble convincing people that he'd had his morning bagel and coffee with a monkey and a weasel.


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