Friday, July 27, 2007

Organizing The Campaign ~ Brainstorming Session

We were having lunch at Jimmie's place a few booths away from where Congressman Bill Lehman used to hold court every weekend, with all kinds of people sitting around the big corner table having breakfast and discussing various issues. Bill always picked up the tab for everyone.

Over the years it's been a hangout for numerous local political types so it seemed like a good place to get Monkette's campaign for a county comission seat underway. Still, a of of us felt that while she had the talent and the drive it might be better to start off with a smaller goal. This morning I got a letter from the North Miami Chamber of Commerce. It was the ballot to elect the new board of directors. An individual doesn't have to be a member as long as they're employed by a member.

By the time the waitress brought the corned beef sandwiches (the best around here!) our good buddy, Brad the weasel, was trying to convince Monkette that getting elected to the Chamber's board would be a great start for her political career. The county comission seat could come later.

We decided that I could easily list her as an employee, my creative director and political laison, plus she handles a lot of publicity out in the community. Everybody knows her. She gets invited to all the right parties. Finally, she agreed. I put her name in as a write-in candidate on the ballot. If you're a Chamber member me, Brad 'n her all encourage you to do the same on your ballot as well. Vote for Monkette for the North Miami Chamber of Commerce board of directors. You'll be glad you did!


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