Saturday, August 04, 2007

C'mon, C'mon, Let's Get Some Respect...

As the saying goes "Clothes make the man!" I decided to surprise everybody and actually wear a suit and tie to the Board of Adjustment meeting, just for grins. Strangely enough, while I was the only one in a suit there was another tie in sight.

Years ago my daughter Elena decided that I needed to break free of my hippie image. She gave me a book "Dress For Success" I think it was called. It talked about all the subtle signals that your clothes give to others, and how it's the details that reinforce the image. Brown suits are a no-no in corporate America although President Regan favored them. Blue ties rank below red, although George Bush favors them. (What's with these Republicans?)

Anyway, suits should be natural fiber, correctly tailored to fit properly, conservatively cut, and in dark greys or blues, solid or pinstripe, but for less formal attire a subtle glenn plaid is OK. Ties should be silk and shirts cotton. Natural fibers drape better, and in the case of ties, knot better. Rep stripe ties should have the stripes going one way and not the other. Cap toe lace-up shoes rank higherr than wing tips. Loafers are only for casual wear. So I have this closet full of what was an expensive wardrobe something like twenty-five years ago, and since none of it was the latest in extreme fashion at the time it's all still quite in style. Just as well, too! Trying to buy suits and ties like that at today's prices wouldn't fit in my Social Security check mandated budget.

Suddenly having a beard made me look "distiguished" and nobody told me that I was way past due for a haircut. Maybe I'll try dressing up again come October. It will make a fantastic Hallowe'en costume!


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