Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Proper Young Ladies With Their Parasols

It ain't the sixties no more! Hip hugger jeans and miniskirts might be back in fashion but when it came to a protest march it was T-shirts, faded jeans, and water buffalo hide sandles from India was the summer time uniform of favor. Wearing make-up was unheard of. Proper self-respecting hippie chicks didn't use make-up.

Councilman Scott Galvin, with a bit of help and encouragement from my toy monkey Monkette, organized this street protest a few weeks ago. Those of us who lived in the neighborhood didn't want 88 foot tall concrete poles carrying high tension electric lines next to our houses when they could as well go on the Florida East Coast Rail Road right of way, or better yet, follow the law and be buried underground out of harm's way.

Well, here we are at the intersection of N.E. 135th Street and West Dixie Highway under the brutal summer sun. The girls have on make-up, their hair is neatly styled, they're even wearing skirts and dresses, and the cute redhead borrowed a style straight out of the 1890's with a paper parasol. We ended up with about seventy-five demonstrators and stayed out there until we were cooked a bit more than medium rare. Yes, we drank lots of bottled water!

Things are still up in the air with the Public Service Comission as far as a final decision on routing the wires but we're now doing a letter writing and Emailing campaign. I've been Emailing my blog posts to them. This morning they got to see Monkette holding her own little protest sign.


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