Friday, August 17, 2007

...and Mommy keeps reading me the SAME section of the SAME book, Day after Day after DAY!

With an air of bored indifference young Master McDonnell entered the rear conference room at North Miami's E. May Avil Public Library, pushed two chairs together seat to seat, climbed in and promptly fell asleep! The night was all about his mother anyway.

Evelyn McDonnell was there to talk about her new book "MAMA RAMA, A Memoir of Sex, Kids, and Rock 'n' Roll". I'd heard about the event a few days earlier and decided that it might be an interesting way to kill the evening. I checked my calender. No fishing club, no city board meetings, no council meeting. What the hell? Before that, I never even knew that the Miami Herald had a pop-culture critic!

Well, this wasn't her first book, and her writings have appeared in Ms., Rolling Stone, Interview, Spin, Billboard, the New York Times, Elle, and Travel & Leisure. She also did a stint as senior editor at the Village Voice. Marriage made her a step-mother to two daughters and resulted in a move to Miami Beach and the birth of a son.

She gave an interesting talk touching on the problems that confront women in the publishing world (and elsewhere). She read several selections from the book, answered a few questions from those of us who'd attended, and sold some autographed copies. I bought one. Her husband was there also, and he managed to stay awake.


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