Saturday, August 18, 2007

Going On Thirty-Nine Years Now

That's a lot of years for two guys to still be good friends and still get together for breakfast, lunch, or late night snack every few weeks. Jim is an editor with the Miami Herald now, at their Broward Bureau almost at the Palm Beach County line, so we don't get together as often as we did when we were both working for the same magazine or newspaper. Five or six years ago we even shared a house for a year when we both split up with our ladies at the same time. When he got transfered up to Broward it made no sense to do a nearly 40 mile commute, though.

Now we try to meet someplace on a regular basis near the halfway point, and there's a Cracker Barrel that's in the right place. As usual, as I was exiting I-95 to go the last mile or so, my cell rang. The familiar "I'm running about a half hour late. Where are you now?"

I must be the only person in the entire South Florida area who actually gets places on time. It's annoying, but I've grown acustomed to it. While I was killing some time on the front porch I decided to add to my collection of environmental self-portraits. I had no idea that the woman would be caught in mid-stride framed in the doorway like that. It was a pleasant surprise when I looked at the photos. I have no idea who she is.


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