Monday, August 20, 2007

Shake It, Baby!

One or another of the Starbucks baristas is always checking the patio, cleaning the tables, straightening the chairs and tables and checking to make sure that the trash containers are never overly full. This young lady had tied off the trash bag and put the new double bags into the container with time to spare for a minute's worth of flirting.

They all know me and call me Al. In return I have this habit of complimenting them on their latest hair style and engaging them in some flirtatious banter, asking how they're doing in school, that sort of thing. It seems that guys in their age group never seem to notice a new hairdo or pair of earings, and certainly not a new lip color. One of the girls even suggested that I should hold classes to teach the young guys how to flirt.

This picture was one of my first efforts in trying out a new variant on my self-portrait series. So far they've been horizontal and shot from more or less the same height off the ground as my head, with the background usually off to one side or the other. I decided that it might be interesting to shoot vertical compositions with my head towards the bottom of the frame by holding the camera up over my head and angling it down just enough to get the top of my head in the frame. I'm not sure whether or not I'll try to get a bit of face showing.

Since my facial expression isn't lending meaning to the photograph, now it's all up to the subject. She had no idea what I was trying to accomplish when I shot it. I'm sure that somebody will mention it to her when she gets to work tomorrow, if she hasn't already seen it on the blog. Thanks for helping me make a succesful photograph.


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