Monday, May 05, 2008

"Just A Little Something Light, Nothing Fancy!"

My cousin Larry was visiting South Florida with his wife Margie. We hadn't seen each other in years and they were staying with Margie's aunt in her condo. I got invited to brunch and Monkette said that she'd never experienced Jewish style home cooking. She's had Greek, Cuban, Chinese, Indian, Colombian, German, Jamaican, etc., but never Jewish. I only seem to date and marry shikses. Anyway, after her usual lecture on how much healthier it is to eat only fresh fruit, and besides, "it grows on trees! Money doesn't grow on trees!" I have to hear that every time we go to the grocery store!

So that's Larry's arm on the lower left, then Margie, Margie's aunt, me, and Monkette is perched on my shoulder. Scroll down to yesterday's post if you want to see more of Larry.

The usual mantra greeted me as I went into the dining room. "Come. Sit down! You'll have a little something light. Nothing fancy!" and Margie and her aunt proceded to pile enough plates of food on the table to solve the famine in Haiti. It was delicious, it reminded me of my childhood when Larry and I were little kids trying to out eat one another at family get togethers. But I'm not a big eater.

I had to listen to the usual "but you could use some meat on your bones!" and "you're way too thin. It's not healthy to be that thin!" Monkette just sat on my shoulder and giggled. She also concluded that Jewish cooking is no match for fresh fruit, but it's all based on what you grew up with. Me? I enjoyed that brunch big time! I might even consider finding myself a Jewish girlfriend for a change.


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