Sunday, February 01, 2009

Into The Looking Glass ~ Tiger Tiger

Some of these page paste-ups held up well for nearly forty years while others show the effects of the sulpher in rubber cement on black and white photographs along with just the wear and tear of age and being shuffled about over the years. It's a wonder that I still have them at all! I don't remember which of the underground newspapers wanted me to shoot this one. It was either The Daily Planet or Strawberry Fields, but I got in free for three days, had a backstage pass, and had a great time!
This is one of the pages for a piece on the POW-WOW at the Hollywood Seminole Indian Reservation back in the late sixties. I think it was here that the rock group Tiger Tiger first performed. They were a talented group of young Seminoles headed up by brothers Lee and Stephen Tiger. They've released several albums, and played at Woodstock and numerous other rock festivals. Stephen died in June 2006 but the group is still around, still putting out some dynamite rock.
A quick google search will bring up a bunch of sites with links to about everything you'd want to know about them.

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