Friday, June 12, 2009

Racial Hatred or Friends And Neighbors? Have It Your Way!

Racial hatred or friends and neighbors? Have it your way. The supporters of Marcellus were not only going around handing out their campaign literature at the polls but they were grabbing stacks of Michelle Garcia's campaign literature out of her hands and the hands of her supporters.

Michelle might have blonde hair and look a bit like a white girl, true, but she is white! That didn't seem to upset her friends and neighbors, who not only came over to the North Miami Public Library for early voting but dressed up for the occasion as well.

I love to see people taking their children to the polls, teaching them about the way democracy works. You vote for the one who is most qualified and who shares your ideals about how the city should be run. Here in North Miami racial hatred should not be enshrined as an ideal. It shouldn't be enshrined as an ideal anywhere.

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