Monday, June 08, 2009

A Decisive Win And A Recount? And Then There's The Carpetbagger...

Andre Pierre had no trouble beating Frank Wolland for the mayor's seat but Councilman Michael Blynn (striped tie and shades in the photo)and challenger Bonnie Schwartzbaum ended up only 14 votes apart triggering a hand recount Tuesday, June 9th to determine the winner. Bonnie, a political newcomer, had a very well thought out and executed campaign. On the other hand Mike was running on a "Look what a good job I did this past term!" platform. That included numerous cross country junkets at taxpayer expense, and voting for a new generous retirement and healthcare package plus a tenfold increase in salary and an expense account for the mayor and council. No money to bring our parks back up to standard and the water plants are in total disrepair!

And that guy in the yellow Marcellus T-shirt? Well Marcellus was in court this morning. It's very likely that he hasn't actually lived in North Miami long enough to qualify for this election and a lot of his yellow shirted suppporters live in the next county, including the one who beat the shit out of me for taking pictures of them. That race won't be decided until the judge rules on the residency issue.

Update on the Bonnie Schwartzbaum/Michael Blynn race. The recount confirmed Michael Blynn's 14 vote lead and he was sworn in for another term on the council. Still, it's hardly a mandate when an attorney who is the incumbant councilman only wins by 14 votes against a challenger with no experience at all in city politics. We still luv ya Mike, but work a little harder this time around!

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