Monday, June 15, 2009

Time Travel ~ A Break from Reality

I've been way too involved in the recent North Miami political crap that's going on around here. One council candidate has a court hearing set, claiming that her opposition isn't a qualified resident. The Florida Department of Law Enforcement is sending an investigator here from Tallahassee to look into that and some other problems with the recent election. Time for a change of pace!

The files turned up these shots from May 2006 when I had a photo exhibition at the local Starbucks. The other guy was the manager at the time and I think the woman worked there.

Thanks to James Mitchell my childhood toy monkey was becoming a regular character on The Price Of Silver. This was before Monkey flew out to San Francisco to visit Todd Frederick and returned to Miami with Monkette. Since Monkey was about 62 at the time I let him take early retirement and Monkette has taken over the Toy Monkey job on the blog.

The only other newsworthy thing to relate is that I have an appointment at 10 AM tomorrow for my first haircut since late October of 2008. I'll try for some before and after shots. Maybe even some during shots!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

one of the nice things in photography is exactly this capacity to travel in the time. Even a simple moment, a nice moment get a different taste when seen a couple of years later. This is nice.

robert blu (from RFF)

4:32 PM  

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