Thursday, July 30, 2009

More Pix Of Me By Stephanie Brundage

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Back in the sixties there still used to be a bunch of run down motels, "tourist courts" they called back them, along Biscayne Boulevard (U.S. Route 1), as well as trailer parks dating back to the days when house trailers were small enough, and automobiles powerful enough, that you could actually both tow it cross country and live in it when you got where you were going. Little by little the trailer parks dissapeared and the motels got demolished to make way for office buildings.

You'd drive down the road and see signs advertizing the sale of everything in the apartments. I bought a wall unit air conditioner and a couple of TV sets for next to nothing. The trailer parks, sans trailers, were often still nicely landscaped with rows of stately royal palms. We used to like to go there to take pictures.

My wife Stephanie shot these pix of me with a Minolta Autocord. I had as much hair then as I have now but no dusting of grey. Those bell bottom jeans were light brown and the high side zip boots with squared off toes were the height of fashion. Yup, I actually drove around town in that brightly painted VW Microbus.

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Blogger N.C.Street Photography said...

I bet there's been alot of weed smoked in that old bus!

10:25 PM  

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