Thursday, July 23, 2009

Football At The Park ~ Nov. 1971

I shot this with my brand new Pentacon-Six but I don't remember if I was just looking for something to shoot with the new camera, or was shooting it for the North Dade Journal, or for the North Miami Parks and Recreation Department. So much of the scenery has changed over nearly four decades that I'm not even sure if this was shot at Cagni Park or Pepper Park. What I do know is that both photos were on the same 12 exosure roll of film. No machine gunning a few hundred frames with a digital back then. You had to know WHEN to push the damned button!

And those energetic young guys playing a pick-up game of football would all be in their fifties today, grey and balding, perhaps sporting a pot belly, maybe taking their grandchildren to the park. Life goes on!

Like a lot of these older pictures the scans were directly off the contact sheets.

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