Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Bidis Arrived

First off I'm pleased to note that this blog has 7 regular followers who took the trouble to register. Thanks, folks.

This morning I got my parcel from Dehli, India. 500 bidis, those strange not-quite-cigarettes, not-quite-tiny cigars that are hand rolled in India. If you buy them in the U.S. they're a bit cheaper than cigarettes and come in boxes of 20. In India they're just bundled and wrapped in these pretty paper wrappers, no boxes, and extremely inexpensive. If you don't keep puffing they go out and you have to re-light them. Not only are they dirt cheap but I smoke half as many! Thanks Mukul. The photo shows the wrapper which is a bit torn because they seem to glue them together around the bunches of bidis.

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Anonymous Nancy said...

Good to see you doing such great worl. Love the blogs!

3:50 PM  

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