Friday, July 10, 2009

The North Dade Journal in 1971

I was shooting part time for the neighborhood weekly paper, the North Dade Journal. It was owned by Knight Ridder, parent corporation of the Miami Herald. It still exists after a fashion as an insert section called Neighbors.

It was a time when the schools were being integrated, kids even being bussed one school to another to compensate for segregated housing patterns. Our paper's coverage area included a section of North Miami Beach known as Washington Park with small lots, small houses, and nothing but "colored" people. Cities used to be planned that way. That way the maids and gardeners could live close to where they worked.

Their kids though were starting to go on to what was then Dade County Junior College and then finish there degree at Florida International University, or get a scholarship to another school. A lot of them did just that. I don't remember her name but this young black woman was working as a summer intern. I think the white reporter was named Marilyn.

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