Friday, July 10, 2009

Year Of The Afros ~ 1971 (and we all got along)

Black Power! Black Pride! Stop trying to look like white folks! Show off that kinky hair instead of "getting a relaxer" and straightening your hair with grease and hot combs. The new styles were mostly embraced by the younger set. After all, it probably took longer to tease out that 'fro every morning than to put your hair in rollers every night.The hairdressers hated Afros! There's more money to be made in perms and relaxers.

I think I shot these pix for an acting composite. She had the biggest Afro I ever saw. No doubt about that!

But what goes around comes around. Today she'd be in her late fifties, most likely getting a monthly touch-up on her grey roots, a relaxer, and wearing her hair in a perm. Hairdressers love that!

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Blogger Judith Romance said...

Love that set of pictures! And the lady is lovely too. I'm new to your blog, congrats!

12:21 PM  

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