Thursday, July 09, 2009

Councilman Marcellus' Goons At The Polls, 2009

City Council candidate Marcellus did more to destroy the multicultural feel of North Miami than the KKK could have ever done. He had his thugs out by the polls intimidating whomever looked like they weren't going to vote for him. I'm sure that a lot of white people didn't walk the gauntlet and go into the polls at all.

Myself, I don't like being told that I don't like black people or that I hate Haitians, but Marcellus had these people whipped into a frenzy. I didn't appreciate being punched and pummeled and then paying to get checked out by my doctor and dentist, going to the dental lab to get my upper plate repaired...all in all several hundred dollars out of my pocket, a lot of pain and discomfort, and six weeks later I'm still in a bit of pain. Thanks a lot Marcellus! Might not an apology be in order?

If you and your thugs had checked out my racist history you would have discovered that I worked for a black newspaper for several years back in the early seventies. You would have discovered that I'd done a lot of work for the Jamaican Tourist Development Board. Maybe even that I'd shot a few hundred black weddings for some large wedding studios back when there were few black photographers and even fewer white photographers who'd venture into a black neighborhod at night.

You might have found out that I still get my hair cut by the same black Jamaican woman that I fell in love with and spent a dozen years of my life helping to raise her two sons. Maybe learn that her younger son went fishing with me and a professional fishing guide, Capt. Dave Kostyo on his boat Knot Nancy, two nights a week for months, and he won several trophies in the Metropolitan South Florida Fishing Tournament and had his name in the Miami Herald week after week. How photos of him fighting tarpon bigger than he was appeared in several fishing tackle manufacturing company's catalogs. How he was probably the first black fisherman to go to the Miami Beach Rod And Reel Club to attend their annual banquet and be awarded his trophies.

Marcellus, you racist pig, do your damned homework. As the lady who still cuts my hair used to say to her boys "Stop acting like a damned nigger!" Now I'm saying it to you. If you don't want me saying it then apologise for your campaign workers who acted niggrish (a Jamaican expression) and slugged me. Offer to reimburse me for my dental and medical expenses. Be a man!

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Blogger Christopher A said...

Sorry to hear about what happened.

You could have been MLK's best friend and it wouldn't have mattered.

These politicans whip up the frenzy of ignorant people in order to gain or retain power.

That is how "democracy" is in many third world countries and how thugs like "President" Robert Mugabe keeps getting "reelected." Unfortunately many in the country are too mired in PC sensitivity and too scared of being called racist for these thuggish actions to be stopped.

9:56 AM  

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