Saturday, July 11, 2009

You Damned Well Better Vote For Our Candidate! (or we'll beat the CRAP out of you, Whitey!)

If you go to North Miami's website you'll get to read this:

"A Friendly & Diverse Community, A Bright Future...
North Miami is a multi-ethnic community. It shares South Florida's joy and excitement, and exemplifies the vibrant diversity upon which the region thrives. In that sense, North Miami is unique -- a micro-cosmos of a complex and rich palate of languages, cultures, ages, and races.

"North-Miamians are friendly, respectful, and appreciative towards each other and to visitors. Deeply immersed in their day-to-day city life, they are open-minded, cultivate a deep sense of awareness, and share a bright vision of the future."
...but that's turned into bullshit beacause we have a few crazed power hungry Haitian immigrants who claim that this is a Haitian city and they want to run it just for themselves. They want to run it their way.

I've been attending numerous community meetings lately and I've concluded that they don't represent our Haitian friends and neighbors in any way at all. When the first wave of Haitians settled here in the early 1980's we all went next door and introduced ourselves. We have Haitians that were elected to the city council with the votes of a wide range of ethnic groups. They serve on city advisory boards. They constitute a significant percentage of the staff at City Hall. Our current mayor, Andre Pierre, has served as president of The Greater North Miami Chamber of Commerce.

So just what is it that these renegades want? The recent May election is the first one in my memory to result in an investigation by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement about voter intimidation. These folks need to learn that we have certain rights guaranteed by our constitution. You just can't go around beating the shit out of anybody that doesn't agree with you or who might want to photograph what's going on at the polls.

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