Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Monkey With His Girlfriend in 1965

Some of you remember when I started using my childhood toy monkey as a character on the blog, how he flew out to the San Francisco suburbs and stayed with Todd Frederick for a few weeks, and how he picked up this sexy young female toy monkey named Monkette and brought her back to Miami. Monkette of course got involved with local politics and worked her butt of on Mayor Kevin Burns' re-election campaign two years ago.

Meanwhile Monkey begged off, citing age and infirmity. He's been helping me go through these old contact sheets. I know! I know! This contact sheet is way to flat and light, and Monkey thinks we should dig out the negative and start over. Monkette's eyes widened whe she saw first the image! "You've been sleeping with TEDDY BEARS!" she screamed. "Tell me all about it and it better be good! Pervert!"

"Well, Al was living in Boston back in 1964, and him and me was sharing a pad on Willis Terrace right behind the Roxbury court house. Al's room mate Paul Band was out of town but this chick comes aknockin' on the door. She was lookin' for Paul and she'd hitched up from the University of Michigan with one of her girl friends. She needed a place to stay."

Monkette was getting more agitated by the minute! "And just where does the damned teddy bear fit into all this?" she demanded. "Well, she and Al hit it off and pretty soon they were living together, planning on marrying, and when she moved in so did her Teddy Bear! It wasn't like I'd been looking for a cute teddy bear".

I guess Monkette finally realized that this all took place over forty years ago. The teddy bear was no threat at all.

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