Sunday, July 19, 2009

You Have To Go To Germany To Smoke Miami Style?

I've never been able to find Miami Style cigarette tobacco in Miami but for several years you could buy it in Germany and probably elsewhere in Europe. I've been rolling my own for decades now, going back to when fifteen cents would buy a pouch of Bugler.

Claudia and I have been divorced now for more years than we were married but when she goes back to Germany to visit her folks her dad always gives her a few pouches of tobacco for me, and there are always a few tucked in the box she gets for Christmas. Fritz, her dad, is the one who first discovered Miami Style and he started smoking it and thought that I might enjoy it also. A year or three ago Claudia couldn't find any when she went to visit her parents and the Christmas boxes started to contain a couple of pouches of other brands of tobacco. Fritz quit smoking and I'm back to Bugler, but thanks to Mukul Dube, a photographer in India, I've also discovered bidis. Maybe I should send some to Fritz.

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