Sunday, August 09, 2009

Ana ~ Can You Really Improve On Natural Beauty?

I'd met Ana just a few days earlier at Little Havana Restaurant. I ended up sitting about half a meter north of her at the next table. Pure happenstance! I was supposed to be there to meet up with Bob Michaels, an Orlando area photographer who was briefly in town. Bob and I continued our coversation later at Starbucks. There was an immediate spark between Ana and me. We couldn't stop talking!

She invited me to a party at her place a couple of days later. I have this stupid habit of getting places on time, so that of course made me "early". Ana was still getting the finishing touches of her hair style and make-up. The light was dismal, I only had ISO 200 film, and the 15mm lens I love so much is no speed demon either. Maybe it's not of the best technical quality but I love that expression on Ana's face.



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