Friday, July 31, 2009

Me Tarzan!

When I was a kid I used to love watching the Saturday morning TV shows. They were still all B&W of course, but a few hours worth of cartoons and hokey adventure shows were a lot more exciting than listening to them on the radio as we'd done in the past. One of my favorite shows, as well as favorite comic book, was "Tarzan, King Of The Jungle". What a loin cloth wearing white guy ,armed with only a big knife, was doing living in the heart of the African jungle was never really explained, but we didn't care. His adventures were too exciting! There was also a love interest of sorts, Jane, but they never did anything like kiss because for ten year old boys that held no interest. Mostly Tarzan rescued her from the lions and such.

This patch of woods was about a mile south of our house, a bit of widerness never cleared for a trailer park or scuzzy little motel. Just lots of trees and vines where a K-Mart now sits.

I have no idea why Stephanie and I decided to take some pictures there, or why I took my shirt off to swing from vines. Her idea? Maybe. My hair had no grey hairs then and I still have all of it. The mustach has come and gone over the years, as have a series of beards. The most recent demise of the facial hair was a few months ago. My friend Janis is profoundly deaf and reads lips. She can read them best when she can see them.

As for the rest of me, I still weigh the same and have the same build, although the muscles in my arms might not be as clearly defined, but then at 66 years of age I do a lot less swinging on vines through the jungle than I did at 24. Stephanie shot five frames with the Minolta Autocord after I'd climbed up the vine hand over hand about ten feet before she thought that she'd "captured the moment". I know that I sure couldn't repeat that performance today!

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