Wednesday, August 05, 2009

North Miami's Fourth Of July Festivities

I took my neighbor Janis to North Miami's Fourth of July festivities. She's extremely deaf, even with a hearing aid, but she can hear loud sounds like drums, thunder, and fireworks. Mostly she reads lips. Since her husband died a year ago I take her shopping, to the doctor, etc. and she likes going to festivals and the outdoor concerts the city has on the last Friday night of the month.

Before the concert we visit the new exhibits at the art galleries. She's extremely shy and is convinced that she's not pretty. She hates it when I try to photograph her. She sees the camera and hides her face. Just a guess on my part but I think she's autistic. She spends most of her time home alone. She seems to like going to these things but she doesn't want me to introduce her to anybody.

We had some refreshments, the political types gave the usual patriotic speeches, and when it got dark Janis was finally able to smile. She watched the fireworks, she HEARD the fireworks. We could also see fireworks from surrounding towns. She was looking happy for a change. It was about all she talked about for the next few days.

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