Thursday, August 13, 2009

June Of Nineteen-Seventy ~ John & Lindsey

My back porch had a much more interesting life forty years ago. There was also a lot more light than there is today. A tall hedge on the property line now competes for light with a couple of big trees. The porch come in a poor third. John had been renting a room in my house and at this point Lindsey was his lady.

Whose idea it was, or what motivated us to do it, is knowledge forever lost, but the light was good, John assured me that he still remembered how to take off clothes, and Linsey seemed to need a bit of help, or maybe she just couldn't balance on one foot. Of course nobody could agree on the best shot. I prefer the one with her arm curving overhead.

Again, that trusty old Minolta Autocord was the camera used. I still get together with John on occasion and we talk some on the phone, but I have no idea about Lindsey's current whereabouts.

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