Wednesday, September 02, 2009


Here's another horrible scan off a contact sheet but I like the shot dust spots and all. When Charlie Richter decided to open a high end fly fishing shop in a very blue collar section of North Miami it raised a few eyebrows but for the few years it was there it did quite well. That's where I met Dave. For the few years that I was living with Vivette I had some friends staying at my house. Mostly I just kept my darkroom and one bedroom for me at my house. When Vivete and I had the decisive break-up I moved everything back to my house, the friends bought a small house nearby, and Dave needed a place so he and I became room mates.

In some respects it was a good thing. Dave is hardly a gourmet chef but he does like to cook. Splitting the grocery bill is a lot cheaper than eating out all the time. We'd go fishing together every weekend, that sort of thing. Other than a few fishing buddies and a love of fly fishing we had nothing particular in common. His idea of a mentally stimulating evening was lounging on the sofa staring at the TV. After a year or so he decided that his elderly father needed him living there with him. He moved out. He took his television set with him. I don't miss it.

Judging by the perspective it was probably shot with the 15mm Heliar on my Bessa L.
I like the similarity of the angle of the guy's head on the TV compared to Dave's head and I can visualize Dave's hand in a slightly different position holding a bottle of beer.


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