Sunday, August 23, 2009

SNCC ~ The Student Non-violent Co-ordinating Committee

I got this little button back about 1962 from Paul Band. the guy who introduced me to my first wife and mother of my children, Dr. Stephanie C. Brundage. They'd met on a ship coming back to the U.S. Paul was originally from Germany and had gone back to visit relatives while Stephanie was living with an aunt and uncle while attending the University of Geneva.

Puul was very much involved in the ant-war movement and active in organizations like the Student Non-Violent Co-ordinating Committee. I guess living through World War II in Germany as a boy made him very aware of the evils of war.

The button itself is about 12mm in diameter, meant to be worn descreetly as a lapel pin. The symbol itself became known as the Peace Sign. It largely fell into disuse until recently. now students and younger adults wear clothes with the symbol emblazoned in a very in-your-face manner. This is where it all started.

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Blogger Scatt said...

I got the same pin and still wear it!!

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