Sunday, August 16, 2009

Boston, 1962

I spent my early years in Massachusettes but moved to Miami just before my 14th birthday. What made me want to move back there? It had little to do with the fact that my dad lived there. Perhaps a more intellectual atmosphere. Miami back then was hardly a center of the arts either. What it did have going for it was warm. Boston had colleges, theaters, art galleries, art schools, subways, and snow.

I'd only become interested in photography about a year before I shot this one. I had a Canon II-s with a 35/1.8 Canon lens. Mostly I was shooting people I knew. I was never much for random "street shooting" of strangers.

This was scanned directly from the contact sheet. The scanner was set for "color" and 45+ years of sitting in a box had resulted in some discoloration.The contact sheet lacked good contrast so I boosted it. I made the discovery that boosting the contrast accentuates the brightness of the discoloration. Cool!

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Blogger mab said...

In many ways: those cars, snow, guys in black wear and even those houses remind me of Moscow in -90's. Really. Small world.

2:52 PM  

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