Saturday, August 15, 2009

Rene Ricard ~ 1962

I have no idea what the occasion might have been, but Rene didn't need an occasion to be dramatic. I know that the shoe towards the upper right corner of the photo belonged to Ben Lackey because you can see all of him in some of the frames on this strip. I know that it was winter in Boston. A few other frames show people trudging through the snow.

Back then I was shooting with a Canon II-S rangefinder camera with a 35mm f/1.8 lens. Even back then I liked Tri-X, although it was a much different film than today's Tri-X. It had a bit finer grain than the Ilford and Agfa films of the day. I was a also less knowledgeable of developing back then, and probably underexposed the film as well. Oh well, contact sheets are to see what's there, a visual file of all your photographs. I was never really careful about making comtact sheets look like finished prints and this scan was off the contact sheet, not printed from the negative. I'm sure that the negative could be printed on a higher contrast paper and look just fine.

Rene went on to fame and fortune as a poet, author, actor in Andy Warhol films, and art critic. I never could figure out whatever happened to Ben.

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