Friday, August 14, 2009

Little Havana Restaurant ~ Fidel Castro Would Have Been Proud ~ Why I'll Never Eat There Again!

I'm not a big fan of Cuban cuisine. Frankly I prefer bland American style cooking, but when you live less than a kilometer away from a highly touted Cuban restaurant, and on occasion an organization to which you belong holds a luncheon there, you eat there. Last week I had some friends in from out of town and they wanted to eat there. We did, they were thrilled, and I left there pleasantly full.

This week we had a similar situation. A couple of friends called mid-afternoon, said that they'd just gotten to Little Havana, and did I care to join them. They hadn't even ordered yet. I'd just gotten home and was starving but I figured I'd survive another half an hour before getting to eat.

The parking lot was empty. Inside the large dining room were my friends, and at a far table sat another couple. We sat and chatted while four waiters at the far end of the room jabbered away in Spanish with one another. Finally one of my friends got up the nerve to tell them that perhaps they might bring me a menu and a glass of water. I immediately requested a cup of coffee. My friends were half through eating, I had no coffee, and nobody had taken my order. Well, I don't want to write a book here, but my coffee arrived after I'd received my food. No cream! It took several requests and at least ten minutes before cream arrived. After finally getting the attention of one of the waiters again I pointed out that my plate of food was now cold.
They told me that they'd be glad to reheat it in the microwave. I stood up and started screaming "If I wanted microwave reheated food I'd go to Burger King. At these prices I expect freshly cooked food". It was all I could do to keep from dumping the plate of food on the floor, and hurling it discus style across the room seemed appealing, but I just stormed out of there loudly cursing out the waiters and manager. I didn't pay or leave a tip* for the waiters. One of my friends called aterwards to appologize. I told her that it wasn't her fault. In the meantime I'd stopped off at Burger King. Not the greatest food but good service.

Do yourself a favor. NEVER EVER EAT AT LITTLE HAVANA RESTAURANT in North Miami. They must not need our money. Spread the word about the lousy Service, nasty waiters, and their snooty attitude. To hell with them!

*TIP stands for To Insure Promptness

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey,Al, your Little Havana Restaurant comments sort of remind me of a dentist office visit I made last year. A male Hispanic hygenist, approximately 30 years old, was cleaning my teeth and started chastising me about my brushing technique, telling me there should not be any tartar around my teeth and adjacent to my gums. IOW, he implied that he expected perfection before I sat in his chair. He made multiple attempts to make me feel guilty about my technique. I then asked him if he was brought up in the Catholic church environment. He indicated yes, whereupon I chastised him right back by informing him that the Catholic church's concentration on the guilt factor belonged there and not in the hygenist's office, and I told him that if he didn't stop the guilt crap I would march out of that office right away without paying a dime. (My mate was raised in that church and told me years ago that it constantly hounded him and everyone else about guilt.) Hell, Al, I brush my teeth and gums three times a day and I floss thoroughly after lunch and dinner, so he had no right to chastise me about a little bit of tartar, the bastard! Nevertheless, congratulations re handling the waiter the way you did!

Terry Maltby
Los Angeles
(Leica shooter)

2:54 PM  

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