Monday, August 24, 2009

Double Cross

One of my photography clients was the City of North Miami but I still thought of myself as the Hippie Photographer. My daughter Elena was responsible for changing me into a suit & tie sort of guy. Howard Neu was on the city council.

One day he called me up. He wanted me to meet him over at his law office. After the usual hand shake and "how are the wife and kids?" sort of small talk we sat down (good thing I was sitting down!) and he hit me with "I want you to chair my campaign for mayor!" Like I said, I had this self image of hippie photographer. Hippies aren't supposed to chair political campaigns.

We went with something a bit different, as campaign buttons go. These do not look like your typical red, white, and blue "Elect So & So" campaign buttons. They worked! Howard became mayor!

This past spring I got involved in a couple of campaigns, but I also attended functions where I didn't want to show favoritism. You're walking a fine line when you've been long time good friends with both candidates. Monkette came up with a great suggestion! We dug out old T-shirts like the one I'd saved from John Patteson's campaign from twenty or so years ago, and buttons going back to the early seventies from other candidates. I wore them. It gave everybody a good laugh. I collected a bunch of T-shirts from this election cycle for future use. Nobody seems to give out buttons anymore.

The double cross is another story for another time.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is it the same Howard Neu who was disbarred in Miami?

5:32 AM  
Blogger Al Kaplan said...

I think it's one and the same. It's not a common name and he closed his office in North Miami at that time. He's now up in Broward County.

12:50 PM  

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